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Because Sendit is so easy to use, the response to your work will be immediate and accurate. No more ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’ e-mails, no ‘oh-my-god-the-file-has-now-expired’ and absolutely no version mix-ups.

"As the Head of Global Marketing I need a place to share and comment on documents, creatives and all materials quickly and in one place."

Jana Barbati Chadova
Head of Global Marketing

Less time searching for files. More time creating them.

Sendit makes sharing files with others, responding with real-time feedback and checking what’s changed - easy. And all without the frustration of searching through countless e-mails threads and multiple versions.

"As a graphic designer my entire life is based around sending files back and forth for commenting and input. has made this process smooth, organized, and scalable."

Ryan St. James
Head of Product Design

Right time, right place - live information and collaboration

Clearer project ID and live response threads, help you focus immediately on what matters - the work. of course, that’s from any device, using any browser, from any connected place in the world.

"As a professional photographer I am constantly looking to organize versions of the files that I have sent to clients."

Barbora Klimszova
Freelance professional photographer

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